Choose and Come Forth to Him

Holding Space for Mothers


book-791824_960_720As a spiritually gifted mother of four children, I need to be present, balanced, and peaceful. I am at my best self when I take time to quietly ponder, reflect, and create.  For me, it needs to be enough time to create the thought, “Hmmm…  I wonder….”  In this space I can create my home as a divine place of safety and learning for my four children.

Mother Care and Mothering

Preparing for my family’s physical needs is very important, but preparing myself to nurture their emotional and spiritual needs takes priority.  Oftentimes, mothers do not have or do not take the time for motherhood and mothering care as much as we would like.

The Pie of Time Can Only Slice So Thin

dishes-197_960_720We divide up our time into smaller and smaller slices such that nothing seems to be done really well.  We wish we didn’t have to segment our time so narrowly.  We attempt to cut out caring for physical necessities like laundry, food prep, cleaning, errands, and working outside the home.  Our attention is often, out of necessity, diverted from emotionally and spiritually nurturing our families.

Mary and Martha – Sisters of Bethany

Consider ourselves as Martha – being cumbered about when we would rather feel the good part with Mary. “Mary who hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her.”

Does that mean that if we CHOOSE His will and nurture the spiritual as our priority, the physical will be provided???

Blessings Are Not Mathematical Equations

math-1500720_960_720It seems like a “God-like principle” because similar to paying tithing – the numbers don’t add up to the blessings.  The time spent on spiritual feasting and preparing don’t add up or equate to the fulfillment of the blessing.  Many of God’s doctrines and principles that result in desired blessings are not logical, mathematical equations of predictability.  God’s doctrines and principles that result in desired blessings are not linear equations.

Mary Sat Still

Mary broke the box and anointed His feet with Spikenard. When Christ came to Bethany – “Mary sat still in the house.”

Christ claimed, “I am the Resurrection and the Life; he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:”  A powerful testament of His divinity, and there is no linear logic in this principle or equation.  Words spoken to Martha – Yet shall he live. – even though Lazarus had been dead four days.

Believest Thou This?

Martha responds, “Yea, Lord: I believe that thou are the Christ, the Son of God, which should come into the world.”

Mary is called – The Master is come and calleth for thee.

Did she already know as she had been sitting still in the house?

The Jews had been comforting Mary, and Mary arose hastily to go out and meet Jesus.  Mary weeping said, “Lord, if thou hadst been here, my brother had not died.”

Jesus wept.

Behold, how he loved him!

Martha ever concerned about the physical nature of food and preparation and aroma, said, “Lord, by this time (four days) he stinketh.”

SEE the Glory of God

Christ responds with a “believing” question for Martha.  Said I not unto thee, that if thou wouldst believe, thou shouldest SEE the Glory of God? He that believeth in me though he were dead, yet shall he live.  Whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die.

Father, I thank thee that thou hast heard me.  And, I know that thou hearest me always.  “Lazarus come forth.”

Thus, that which doesn’t happen, is illogical and without worldly reason – did happen.  A man, a dear friend of Jesus Christ who had been buried and dead for four days “came forth.”

Choose and Come Forth to Him

good-1123013_960_720I don’t know how the question is answered individually by each person, but the answer lies in choice – we choose the good part.

Our hearts and our desires align with Him as we Choose Him.

Dishes, serving, work, and physical preparations cannot be ignored in this earthly world, yet the answer to this equation is only found in choosing to nurture the spiritual, and the physical will be provided.

Choose and Come Forth to Him.

Source: John 11

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Create and Hold Space for Yourself to Rejuvenate and Turn “Off” the Flood

Create and Hold Space for Yourself

tired-418902_960_720Hey there!  Are you battling the feeling of being hen-pecked by family and needy people?  Do you get calls and text from clients at inopportune times?  How do you manage the burn out and people wearing you down?  You who are spiritually gifted can find that watching TV is not relaxing because you can sense and read the actors and feel drained from all the energy vampires! I simply cannot watch the News on TV, and I quit watching the News about 14 years ago.  Most things on TV are unbearable for me.  Unbearable. While your gifts are your passion, you also need to create and hold space for yourself to rejuvenate and turn “off” the flood from other people.  The emotions and feelings you receive can overstimulate, create tremendous stress, and promulgate inner conflict.  So, besides hiding in a cave for the rest of your life, what can you do?  For me it is critical to refresh, renew, rejuvenate, and grow!   Sound good, but do you want to know how to do it?  Here it comes!

 Refresh. Renew. Rejuvenate.


How do you go about “holding space” for yourself?  Here’s a bunch of suggestions.  Pick ONE and do it now.  Spend time walking barefoot in the grass.  Take a hike on wooded trails.  Connect with animals and plants. I love the power and energy of horses.  While I’m not a rider, I love being around these powerful animals.  Use meditation, prayer, and other spiritual practices. Protect yourself with a shield of light envisioning putting on the Armor of God.  Sleep.  Use stones, crystals, or essential oils for grounding. Walk with yourself without judgment or control. Be charitable and show yourself Christ-like love.  Refrain from talking for 24 hours – I have four kids, so this was only possible for me while on a Retreat!  I get it, so if you choose to give this one a try with your family around, apply the principle of listening. Listen to amazing music, especially music with no lyrics. “Most of the successful people I’ve known are the ones who do more listening than talking.” —Bernard M. Baruch Dance, draw, paint, or create with your vivid imagination.  I’m not much of an artist, but I really enjoy coloring Mandalas.  Review your relationships with others and forgive offenses.  The subject of forgiveness is worthy of a whole other blog.  Hmmm… I’ll get to that later!

Grow Your Gifts and Focus on Light

ocean-1491896_960_720One of the best ways to repel the energy vampires, is to GROW your spiritual gifts and focus on your light. Light and ignite your natural gifts so that they generate fuel to expand, spread, and connect with a creative force.  As you work on the creation and expansion of your spiritual gifts, you will receive more “energy” to dispel the downward spiral of the hen-pecked, needy people.  Listen for the divine download, and you will find God has ways for you to use your gifts to create a better world for His children.  Trust your intuition, wisdom, and divine spiritual gifts.  Make mistakes, take risks, and learn from your experiences. You have spiritual gifts from God, and you are His beloved child.  He will help you create, expand, understand, and grow your gifts for His purposes.  Before you encounter or work with “needy people” or feel hen-pecked by family, set your mindset in the positive, present tense with the intent to expand your creative gifts and energies.  Focus on all of the positive elements you carry, and see them and imagine them blessing and uplifting others.  That’s exactly what they are there to do.  Broadcast, shine, and share your beautiful gifts focusing on the light they bring to God’s children.  Above all, have charity and love for all.

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The Key to Stopping “Emergency” Clients: Become Breathtakingly Efficient About Your Energy, Renewal, and Balanced Time


Compassion, Balance, and Energy

Spiritually Gifted Entrepreneurs Seeking Business Balance

You are receiving spiritually guided downloads that clear energetic blocks, and your clients are texting you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  They have “emergency” requests that you want to help them with, but at the same time, you have a family that requires your love and attention. With clients and family pulling, pushing, and tugging at your precious time, you feel overwhelmed and grateful at the same time.

Your passion for helping others heal and creating a warm, loving, purpose-driven atmosphere at home is your priority and focus.  God has given you gifts, and you don’t know how to help as many people as you can AND balance your life.

Properly Pricing Your Services Creates Balance

One way to create balance that enables you to have the energy you need for your passionate, purpose-driven work is pricing.  What?  Pricing?!  Are you kidding me?  How can this be helpful to creating balance? You would rather focus on the service you give and the blessing and benefits of spiritual gifts and energy work than pricing your services.  You are also compassionate and do not want to “gut the little guy.”  Let’s take a look at balanced pricing practices.

Given our 24 hour day, you have 8 hours for sleep and 1.5 hours to eat.  Preparing meals may take another 1.5 hours, and those 11 hours are consumed in basic necessities of eating and sleeping.  How you carve up the remaining 13 hours is critically important to balance. Let’s take a look at pricing your services.  If you’re charging $30 for a 60 minute session, you’ll earn $30 an hour, which is better than some professions.  If you fill your entire 13 hours of non-sleeping and non-eating time with 60-minute sessions, you’ll earn $390 per day.  That doesn’t sound very fun or reasonable though, does it?  You will have to give up all of your relationships with friends and family, except for the brief 1.5 hours a day that you have to prep meals or eat them together.  There’s no time for reading, divine downloads, or renewal.  There’s no time for grocery shopping, dates with your spouse, or a weekend getaway.  If you continue with this $30 an hour session pricing practice, you’ll earn $7,800 per month and have only your weekends to pay the bills, do your errands, go to a yoga class, or take the kids to the zoo.  Does that sound like balanced energy to you?  Nope!

Become Breathtakingly Efficient About Your Energy, Renewal, and Balanced Time

I worked for 13 years on Wall Street and have an MBA in International Finance, and I learned to become breathtakingly efficient.   Being efficient sometimes means squeezing the very most out of your day to get the very most done that you can in a day.  Or, spending frugally so that there’s no waste.  How do you achieve maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense in pricing your services???  How do you become breathtakingly efficient about your energy, renewal, and balanced time with your family?  Through proper pricing!  And, you do NOT have to “gut the little guy.”


Calculating Pricing for Renewal, Energy, and Balance

Let’s say you’d like to continue to make $7,800 per month but cut the time required to create that income.  Starting with the little guy first, give 10% of your 13 hours to this client – 1.3 hours per day or roughly 78 minutes.  You can choose the pricing you’d like to offer to this client.  We’ll assume you offer one free client per day for 1.3 hours.  Be firm with your compassion and keep it at ONE.  Keep your boundaries.  Now we’re at 11.7 hours, and let’s move that to an 8 hour “normal” work day, which creates 3.7 hours every  workday for renewal, energy, and balance in your life!  Can you feel the air entering your lungs?!  Take a deep breath, and feel the expansion.  Next, you’ll need to decide what time of day those hours occur, and your store, shop,business, and services are CLOSED during those hours.  Be firm and keep your boundaries.  You are completely closed for business during that time.  You can breathe.

Now that you have an 8 hour workday, what time are you OPEN for business?  Set those hours and schedule the appointment slots.  Keep a business calendar with those time slots.  Let’s figure out how much you need to charge to make $7,800 per month in an 8 hour workday.  40 hours per week for four weeks a month is 160 hours.  To make your same $7,800 per month in an 8 hour workday, you’ll be charging $48.75 per hour instead of $30 per hour, which includes a daily 3.7 hour increase in personal time for balance, renewal, and energy for yourself, your loved ones, and your family as well as 1.3 hours of daily compassionate service benefiting the “little guy.” You’ve moved from a 65 hour work week to a 41.3 hour work week making the same $7,800 and still serving one free client every single day.  All of these numbers are simple examples that can be adjusted to your individual practice.  The principle and the benefit is the energy, renewal, and balance that opens your airways, your time for divine download, and your family relationships.


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Five Ways to Transform From Change or Loss to Relief and Peace

spherical-ball-joint-746194_960_720At the end of a college campus tour with my son recently, I found a $20 bill on the floor on the way out of the building. I could have kept the $20 because who would even notice they had dropped $20 at the end of a college campus tour? Yet, it was not mine. My intent in returning the $20 bill was not only to illustrate a lesson in honesty for my son but also to relieve the soul searching for their lost $20. If the person who lost the $20 had really needed and treasured it and retraced their steps to find it again, I knew they’d find relief, happiness, gratitude, and peace at its return. My motivation is to restore relief, happiness, gratitude, and peace.

I’m a Taurus, and change is hard for me. Moving, unexpected job loss, death, and miscarriage are losses that have all found their way into my life. Change is a loss and can manifest itself as grief. Traditionally, the five stages of grief include denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Each individual handles change, grief, or loss differently. My personal intention is to not allow disappointment to become despair. Moving from change, grief, or loss to acceptance, relief, happiness, gratitude, and peace is my personal intention.

Five Ways to Transform From Change or Loss to Relief and Peace

1) Spiritual Practices – We all have God-given gifts. Our true nature and relationship with God defines our own unique spirituality. Spirituality is found at the center of our lives, and everything in our lives radiates from our spiritual core. If our spiritual center is non-existent or under nourished, all areas of our lives are slowed or halted. Our healing from grief and loss is halted. The wholeness of our life is built upon our spiritual beliefs. Prayer, blessings, sacrament, meditation, and spiritual community help us transform to acceptance, relief, and peace.
2) Patience – Now, apparently this is one of my gifts, although one that I don’t think comes naturally to me. Patience is allowing a wide and deep space for time, forgiveness, sickness, waiting on the Lord, acting on faith with no evidence of light, hope, love despite addiction, trust, healing, and eternal and God-like perspective through trial, disappointment, betrayal, and misjudgment. I have learned that longsuffering doesn’t mean suffering for a long time. Instead, longsuffering means carving out a deep space in your soul that allows and yields to healing and love to fill and occupy that deep space. Longsuffering creates wholeness and completeness.
3) Sleep Patterns – Sleep is critical to healing from loss and change yet insomnia, worry, stress, and anxiety all work overtime to derail our sleep. As you create space for proper sleep patterns, your body and soul can work together to transform to relief and peace. When sleep is a problem, essential oils, meditation, prayer, relaxation practices, energy work, and learned discipline may help. I often use chakra meditations. If regular and sufficient sleep is interrupted, I prefer to wake up early in the morning and work on a project that is nourishing to me. Scripture study, journaling, writing this article, prayer, and quiet reflection are my non-sleep tools for working those worries and stresses out of my system so that proper and regular sleep return. Proper nourishment also helps our sleep patterns.
4) Change and Interia – Yes, change is hard for me! Change that I choose is not quite as hard for me. “An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.” ~ Newton’s first law of motion. The lesson learned here is to STAY in MOTION. I strongly encourage personal development and challenging ourselves to move forward on our goals. If you stay in the same place, you will not transform to acceptance, relief, and peace. Instead you will stay stuck in grief, denial, disappointment, and sadly despair. Set your intention for action and motion. Follow through on those intentions for change. spherical-ball-joint-113240_960_720
5) Service – Finally, get out of yourself. Have foresight and a broad scope toward life coupled with empathy for others. Have a mindset toward service in your work, relationships, and associations. Ask yourself how you can help without benefit to yourself. Volunteering in a senior center or soup kitchen helps put your situation in perspective. Visit someone that is elderly that can no longer work, go to the bathroom unassisted, or needs constant care. Bring them a card, a new holiday hand towel, or a song they can enjoy. Step out and give something of yourself to someone in greater need than yourself.

Our souls thrive when we choose to move toward restoration, relief, happiness, and peace. Our greatest fulfillment comes through spiritual practices, patience, proper nourishment and sleep, embracing change through personal goals, and service. Bring relief to your soul and choose to stay in motion.

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Why Stay in a Job You Hate?

entrepreneur-593358_640Dreading Sunday evening because you have to go back to “that place.” Watching the clock until 5pm so that you can finally escape. Calling in sick and making extra appointments away from the office for a respite. Escaping for a long lunch hour alone. Does that sound like you? Are you enduring for a paycheck, insurance, security, or habit? Is that the way you want to live for the next 10 years or longer? Does staying feel like bondage with no way out? If – just if – there were a way to replace the job that you endure for a career you LOVE, would you do it? What would it take for you to believe, or even simply consider, the possibility of such an opportunity? What do you want to have happen instead? What type of job would you really want?

This is not an investment scheme. Consider this. 2016 begins the age of the entrepreneur for you. Yes, you as entrepreneur of your own creation and passion.

Spend the next 30 minutes exploring your thoughts and answering the following seven questions. Write a full page for each question if you can do that in 30 minutes.

  1. How much money do you make now?
  2. What type of job would you really want?
  3. Who do you know in that industry?
  4. What is a reasonable strategy for replacing your current income?
  5. What can you do toward creating your own company?
  6. How would you go about creating your own job?
  7. How would you go about creating your own job with your own contracts?

Don’t let “no” get in your way. See these questions as your answer to “yes.” Work hard on all of the details. Imagine every single detail that you will accomplish. Double your efforts toward this dream job, and you’ll see success! Repeat this 30 minute process every single day. Your days at the drudgery job will end.

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Three-Part Webinar Series

In cooperation with Mostafa Shahat of Goal-Oriented Learners Team (GOL Team) in Cairo, Egypt, Ideal LifeVision Coach, Cherlynn Thomas, will present a three-part webinar series beginning October 22, 2015.  Register here.

She is a Certified Ideal LifeVision Coach and International Finance MBA graduate from New York University. she worked on Wall Street for 13 years. she is all about being practical – no drama. she particularly adepts at transforming anxiety-ridden situations into peaceful, perspective-laden experiences through spiritual perspective. she lends a practical approach and find grounding power in emotional and spiritual strength. she adepts at identifying patterns and recognizing intuitive, spiritual insights that guide people to their own Ideal Life. Becoming a mother transformed her in far deeper ways than a Wall Street career ever could. she loves nurturing her four children, studying Egyptology, conducting workshops, and traveling to Fiji, Australia, Japan, Egypt, and New York.

She is a Mastery for Women certified speaker. her speaker profile is available on the Successful Thinkers Network.


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6- LinkedIn:

 Webinar topics & dates:

1- Universal Laws, 22th Oct. 2015
2- Your Heroic Journey, 29th Oct. 2015
3- The Law of Attraction, 5th Nov. 2015

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One of the Best Things I’ve Ever Done in My Life

How Firm Is Your Foundation?

I am one of the 20 featured speakers in the online Spiritual Preparedness Conference – “How Firm Is Your Foundation?” Participating has been one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life!  The first day speaker presentations are now available to listen to for FREE. You can listen to the speakers here.  All presentations including mine will be added by August 28.  Kelly King Anderson is the host of this Spiritual Conference, and she interviewed me last week. So much fun for me!

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